Community and stakeholder engagement tailored specifically for small to large projects involving land development, rezoning of land and implementation of social and community outcomes from conception to finalisation.

At Future Urban, we have a specialist engagement team who are trained and experienced in all facets of engagement, including the design review process, facilitating public meetings, workshop delivery, social procurement and tailored engagement plans to each unique project requirement and application.

Our engagement team are qualified and experienced in the planning and delivery of engagement activities.

Our dedicated team are trained in IAP2 and engagement charter, which are cost-effective and efficient in the delivery of engagement frameworks and strategy planning.

We believe Future Urbans’ approach provides a unique approach and understanding in an ever-evolving landscape. The current challenge faced is the complex skillset required in the delivery of engagement across projects to ensure quality, on time, on budget and minimal to no risk; you need to optimise framework targets and engagement.

Our team members have been responsible for delivering successful outcomes for a broad range of clients, including government, major developers, private Investors, large corporations, and landowners across Australia.

  • Understand context, project and people
  • Determine purpose and objectives
  • Innovate and tailor to suit context
  • Set timing, methods and resources
  • Identify opportunities, risks and options
  • Development and implementation
  • Delliver the plan
  • Clearly and concisely report on the outcomes
  • Evaluate the approach
  • Engagement analysis
  • Sustainable planning
  • Collaborative approach


On Consultation

You can have your say on the Code Amendment via https://plan.sa.gov.au/have_your_say/general_consultations or email engagement@futureurban.com.au

Lot 485 Randell Road, Hindmarsh Island
Code Amendment

22 JULY 2024 – 1 SEPTEMBER 2024