Community and stakeholder engagement tailored specifically to projects involving the development of land and/or rezoning of land.

At Future Urban we have a specialist engagement team who are trained and experienced in all facets of engagement, including the design review process, facilitating public meetings and workshops and tailoring engagement plans to each unique application.

Our engagement team are qualified and experienced in the planning and delivery of engagement activities. Kayla and Bethany from our team have completed the IAP2 Certificate in Engagement Course. Michael Osborn has completed professional training with the National Charrette Institute in the US in charrette facilitation and management.

Our team members have been responsible for the delivery for engagement activities for a broad range of clients, including government agencies (SA and NT), major developers and landowners.

  • Understand context, project and people
  • Determine purpose and objectives
  • Innovate and tailor to suit context
  • Set timing, methods and resources
  • Identify opportunities, risks and options
  • Delliver the plan
  • Clearly and concisely report on the outcomes
  • Evaluate the approach


You can have your say on the Code Amendment via https://plan.sa.gov.au/have_your_say/general_consultations or email [email protected]

No Code Amendments are currently on consultation.